Defenses in 2022/2023

Defended theses

Submission of Master's Thesis: 1 electronic copy named firstname_lastname.pdf to

Submission deadlines: 

For defense on January 26 2023: January 16 2023

For defense in June 2023 (7-13): May 16 2023

The presentation materials must be checked and uploaded to the computer in the defense room before the beginning of the defense session. The students whose defense is after the break, can use the break time for these preparations.

The time limit for master's defense presentation is 15 minutes. The defenses will be held publicly if not declared private. The thesis is defended in the form of an open academic debate which includes:

  1. the author's presentation of the main results of the thesis;
  2. academic discussion between the reviewer(s) and the author;
  3. general discussion;
  4. the author's final remarks for up to one minute.

The defended thesis is assessed in the closed part of the meeting where the supervisor(s) and reviewer(s) are allowed to participate. The chair of the committee announces the results of the defense within one working day after the defense. If a master's student has successfully defended their graduation thesis, they are considered to have graduated from the university with a master's degree.

Read more about the procedure for defense in the Faculty of Science and Technology here.

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