Madis Uljam Teuli

European Statistics Day

European Statistics Day takes place on 20. October in Delta center with University of Tartus mathematics and statistics institute, Statistics Estonia and Lithuanian Latvian Statisticians' Association.

Event takes place in Delta center in the room 1021.

First part (in English), 14.15-16.00:
Meeting ID: 955 4712 7332
Passcode: 771062

Second part (In Estonian), 16.15-17.30:
Meeting ID: 940 4607 2568
Passcode: 162053

Tartu Ülikooli peahoone

Recipients of the teaching staff of the year awards have been announced

Peahoone Eesti lippudega

Recipients of University of Tartu annual awards have been announced


Recipients of awards in the field of teaching have been announced