The Institute Council

The Council of the Institute of Mathematics and Statistics

Chairman: Meelis Käärik, Head of Institute, Associate Professor, Programme Director
Secretary: Liina Jürimaa


  • Johann Langemets, Vice Director, Research Fellow
  • Viktor Abramov, Professor, Programme Director
  • Krista Fischer, Professor, Programme Director
  • Rainis Haller, Professor
  • Valdis Laan, Professor
  • Jüri Lember, Professor
  • Arvet Pedas, Professor
  • Raul Kangro, Associate Professor, Head of Counselling Centre
  • Indrek Zolk, Lecturer, Programme Director
  • Evely Kirsiaed, Lecturer, Programme Director
  • Mare Vähi, Junior Lecturer, Programme Director
  • Märt Põldvere, Associate Professor
  • Kristi Kuljus, Associate Professor
  • Ella Puman, Associate Professor
  • Hanna Britt Soots, student
  • Heleen Saarse, student
  • Kaari Kuus, student
  • Robert Suigussaar, student
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Alumni Talk - Quantitative modelling of cybersecurity risk

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