Research Groups

The following research groups are at the Institute of Mathematics and Statistics:

Head of the Research Group: Professor Valdis Laan

Research topics include semigroup theory, universal algebra, category theory, lattice theory and ring theory.

Fractional derivatives, differential and integral equations with singularities and ill-posed problems
Head of the Research Group: Arvet Pedas

Research topics include fractional derivatives, special differential and integral equations, and incorrect problems.

Functional Analysis
Head of the Research Group: Professor Rainis Haller

Research topics include Lipschitz function spaces, Lipschitz-free spaces, tensor products, and the extremal geometric structure of Banach spaces.

Random Processes
Head of the Research Group: Professor Jüri Lember

Research topics include hidden Markov models, random sequence comparison, maximum spacing method and model validation, and Moran-type evolution models.

Theoretical Mechanics
Head of the Research Group: Professor Jaan Lellep

Research topics include modeling the mechanical behavior and optimization of plates and shells in the case of different material models.

Topological algebras

Head of the group: Associate Professor Mart Abel

Research topics include general topological algebras, Segal topological algebras, categories of topological algebras.


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