Here you can find the study information of the curricula of our institute. Public study materials can be found from which is updated frequently. From the column on the left you can also find some non-study information that a student of the Institute of Mathematics and Statistics might need.


Open Doors Day 2020.

Student competitions

The Institute of Mathematics and Statistics often holds competitions on mathematics for students. Our students have also performed well both at the IMC (International Mathematics Competition) and at the North Countries Universities Mathematical Competition in St. Petersburg. More information about the math competition can be found here.

In 2021, for the first time, the Delta X 2021 competition took place at the Delta Centre, where both students and high school students competed.

International students

The Institute of Mathematics and Statistics welcomes all international students to apply to our curricula in English. Read more about getting started at the University of Tartu here and about the orientation course offered by the Study Abroad Centre.


Our institute organises a wide range of seminars both about mathematics and statistics. All interested are welcome to attend.

The Student Council of our institute

The student representatives of our institute are part of UTSU (the University of Tartu Student Union) which stands for the interests of students. Read more about who represents you here and join our collective Facebook group.


MITS is an organisation meant for the students of the Institute of Mathematics and Statistics and the Institute of Computer Science. Read more about their activities on Facebook.


Info session: Study abroad with Erasmus+ programme!

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University of Tartu invites students and alumni to mentoring programme

LT lõpuaktus 2022

Master’s degree graduation ceremony 2023