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Delta Library of Mathematics and Informatics is open: 

Mon. - Thurs. 9.00-20.00
Fri. 9.00-19.00

The Library of Mathematics and Informatics is located at the Delta centre together with the Library of Economics. The Library of Mathematics and Informatics was created in March 2003 from the libraries of the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics and the Estonian Mathematical Society.

The library's collection contains books of mathematics, informatics, statistics and mechanics. The oldest piece is John Napier's Mirifici Logarithmorum from 1614. The books have been placed on the shelves by topics and can be found on ESTER.

The books can be used by everyone within the library, but borrowed only by the students and workers of the University of Tartu. The books must be brought back after you graduate.

Rules within the library

  • Silence must be kept;
  • It is forbidden to eat and drink within the room;
  • The reader must listen to the librarian;
  • The library does not take responsibility for the items left without supervision.

Book rental

  • The books can be borrowed home for two weeks (with a green dot) or one month (no dot);
  • Books with a red dot cannot be borrowed;
  • The return deadline can be extended if the book does not have a queue;
  • The reader must take responsibility for the books borrowed;
  • The reader must not damage the library's books, appliances and other properties;
  • If a book is damaged or lost, the reader must replace or compensate it.
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Professors and Associate Professors emeritus

Professors emeritus

  1. Mati Abel
  2. Kalle Kaarli
  3. Mati Kilp
  4. Tõnu Kollo
  5. Toivo Leiger
  6. Jaan Lellep
  7. Ülo Lepik
  8. Kalev Pärna
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The Faculty of Mathematics of the University of Tartu was created in 1967. Before that the teaching and research took place in many different faculties.

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The Institute Council

The Council of the Institute of Mathematics and Statistics